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Job Interview Tips | Specific Interview Answers to Questions are Essential

In an interview situation nerves often take over and it makes it difficult to answer questions to the best of your ability. Listen to the interview question, do not be afraid to ask for clarification if needed, think about your response and answer as clearly and precisely as possible.

Remember that the person interviewing you has read your CV and thought your resume good enough to invite you in for a face to face interview. If the interview manager asks you a question he or she will be trying to get the best out of you and it is up to you to respond at that interview and answer to the best of your ability to prove you were worthy of the invitation.


If you are faced with a good interviewer, the tell me about yourself interview question comes early in the proceedings to give you time to settle your nerves. Use the time to get your brain into gear but try to be specific with your reply and do not ramble as this will be good discipline for when the behavioral interview questions and competency interview questions come along.

This is where you now have to be very honest with yourself. Are you a person who answers interview questions with a question? If you are you know exactly what I mean and this is a practice that you should stop now, it is not going to get you the job you really want. For those readers who do not understand let me give you an example:

“Tell me how you would handle a situation where a customer was insisting that you carried out a task that is not in your brief?”

“That is a very interesting question; companies have different ideas on this, what is the policy here?”

You may get away with one of those but try it several times and you will be out of the door without a chance of a second interview. Believe me; I can relate a very good example where this has happened when I have been the interviewer. Do not do it!


Following on from the how would you question and answer session will more than likely be the statement give me a specific example from your experience how you have handled this situation. Notice the words specific example, stating the obvious although not obvious to some. If the interviewer requests a specific example that is exactly what they want, do not answer with a how you would do something scenario. Make sure you do as asked and answer as specifically as possible including all the appropriate details.

Employers try to judge how you respond or perform in particular situations. You can be tutored in how to answer interview questions but remember that in the end you are the person on the other side of the table from the interviewer and only you can assure the interviewer you have the skills and thought processes that they are seeking.

Prepare by thinking through situations. Put yourself on the other side of the interview and be the critical judge of your own responses. Were your answers to interview questions relevant and pertinent? No, well by going through this process time and time again you may just master it before the interview proper.


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