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Web design, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when considering adding a website to your business.

Website design is important but a common misconception throughout all businesses is that a web designer will automatically design and install the most appropriate system and format for your business.

However, design is a specialised area; focused in providing what is asked for, not what is needed.

Avondale Consultancy Limited provides advice and information for business owners looking to expand the reach of their company. We can advise you on e-commerce solutions and provide online shop consultancy.

So why are we different?

Offering a pre-consultancy service allows you to know exactly what you want before you employ a web designer.

But do you need a website?

You are here because you have decided that you would like a website. But do you really need a website or web presence?

If you feel the answer to the above is yes then this is only the start of a journey that needs as much planning and attention as your first step into business.

At Avondale Consulting we would help you develop your web presence that is focused around your business needs and not around any web designer.

Contact us for more details or to arrange a meeting.


We have all been guilty at some time of looking at training as an afterthought and / or going back to school but it should not be that way.

Take the first steps to setting forth on a new career by considering distance learning provided by online schools, online education may help you accomplish your goals and provide a great sense of achievement.

Online Jobs

The Internet has opened up new possibilities both for employers and employees. It is now possible to attract relevant and quality candidates from a wider geographical area and it has made opportunities visible to job applicants not merely in their current area but other counties or states and even in other countries.


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